Director’s Message

I want to thank everyone for making Summit Leadership Camp what it was for 2019 and what it will be for years to come. I wish I could personally thank each and every individual involved but there are too many of you; yet also not enough. I sincerely thank you all. And I also want to invite you to be a part of this camp in the future if you are not already.

We are making some changes, hopefully to better support our families. At Summit Leadership Camp in 2019, we begin a uniform 6 year leadership training cycle. This cycle will allow a camper to begin in any year and at any point of the new leadership curriculum as it continues to tie to the year prior and build off it. This is an internally developed curriculum, tailored to meet the training requirements of our teachers and the training needs for the kids.

As we move forward for the next several years we will be working feverishly to utilize corporate fundraising to try and lower the cost of camp even further. Our long term goal is to lower the camp fee to $250 by the year 2020. As a father of an Awana family, I am faced with the same financial burden as other families when it comes to the cost of camp. And the reality is I cannot afford to pay $375 per person for my whole family to go to camp. I am certain that if I am in this position, others are as well.

Part of these changes are outlined on our “Camp Care Initiative” page. There you will also find a “Sponsor a Camper” subscription button that will allow you to setup monthly payments of $25. The $25 payments continue until you cancel them. And the balance paid through June 1st, will be applied to the balance due for your camper that year. Refunds may not be available depending on fees and so forth. I set this up for myself and my oldest child for 2019.

I personally check and manage all the emails sent to and invite you to share anything you’d like to at that email address.


-Jason Isaacs