To start, set the white ball and the black ball on opposite ends of the pool table.

One person stands on the side of the white ball and has 3 tries to hit the black ball by rolling it across the table. If they miss after 3 tries they receive one strike, your goal is to stay in the game by not getting strikes, if you get 3 you’re out of the game.

If they hit the ball and it doesn’t go into one of the pockets the game continues to the person to the left of them. If they do get it directly into the pocket, nice, the person after them receives a strike. And then the game is set up like the beginning again except the person who just received a strike (if they’re not out now) gets 3 chances to hit the 8-ball, play continues.

The next person then needs to grab the white ball without disturbing the black one. They get as many tries as they can to hit the 8-ball with the cue ball before the 8-ball stops. If it stops that person receives a strike if not, play continues to the person after him/her. So pay attention, don’t be a sloth, and make fair judgment calls.

So let’s make a quick list of ways to get a strike:

Missing the 8-ball three times when starting off the play.
Letting the eight ball stop on your turn (for any reason).
The person before you gets the 8-ball in a pocket.
You hit the ball so hard it flies off the table with reckless abandon.
Throwing the cue ball from the side of the table. You MUST throw it from one of the ends NOT the sides.
The next items are House Rules so that you don’t break anything (you already pay enough for tuition) and so that play is fair:

Don’t jump on, over, across, or under the table (and no, yelling “HARDCORE PARKOUR” is not a valid excuse).
You can’t drop the white ball on the black one; you must roll it.
You cannot reach around the b8-ball and hit it backward into a pocket (usually we give the person a strike for that).
Back up from the table after your turn, because it can get kinda crazy depending on how paranoid people get about the game.
I hope you try Scum out if you’re ever bored and stuck on campus for a weekend or just because you’re cool and want to play. Remember it can be played with as many people as you can fit around the table. The game ends when everyone except for two people are out and they just get to battle it out until third strike is shamefully awarded.