Ropes Course – Included for Trek & Journey Campers in 2019

The high ropes elements are challenging activities that are literally high-above-the-ground. They are geared more toward individual challenges. Trained facilitators and leaders will guide groups through the high ropes elements.

The ropes course is a high reward, seemingly high risk activity. While there is some risk involved in participating on the Ropes Course, it has been greatly minimized by strict and thorough safety measures. On high elements, for example, participants wear a safety harness system. If they fall, they are suspended in the air by a safety (belay) line. The participants may logically understand that they are safe, but their knees still shake when they are 30 feet up. In other words, the perceived risk is much greater than the actual risk. This is what makes the Ropes Course a mental challenge as well as a physical one.

It is a thrilling and fun thing to do. Commitment to perform where there is uncertainty of results is a healthy decision-making process. Proving to oneself that a seemingly insurmountable problem can be overcome is enlightening and satisfying. There is evidence that there is a significant positive carry over from the experience of successfully completing a demanding, fabricated problem as compared to overcoming everyday problems. Getting out there and playing, and enjoying the Challenge Ropes Course is what it is all about. Most of all have fun! It is an incredible process.

Challenges may include: Giant Swing, Zip-line, Leap of faith, the broken bridge and/or pipe traverse.

*Not available to all age groups